The Game

Profit Planet

Our game will be a simulation game focused on developing a planet and using learned financial skills to generate the most successful planet. Lessons will be taught using smaller “mini games” that have tutorials, are replayable, fit in with the theme of the macro game, and are adaptable to a player’s skill level. Mini games are also meant to simulate real world scenarios, such as deciding how much currency to spend on different aspects of a machine to make it perform best (budgeting) or deciding where to store any excess currency (banking and the stock/bond market). The game has a quiz when the user becomes proficient in a module, allowing them to unlock more complicated versions of the mini game and move on to later modules/lessons. Network features are available within classes so that students can see how other students in their class are performing and can compete to have the most successful planet. Students will also be able to harvest resources from their planet and create a trading economy with other students in their class.

The game begins with a user building their own character. They will then choose a planet from a group in which each planet has distinct characteristics that may play a role later on in the game. The user settles on that planet, becoming a member of the civilization. There is an overarching galactic government which has banks and collects taxes and in exchange sends workers who maintain different aspects of the planet. The planet can develop industry based on its characteristics and has colleges and professions similar to what we have in real life. In addition, features can be purchased to increase inhabitant happiness, contributing to the planet’s success level. By becoming more financially literate, making smart decisions and treating citizens well, the user can make themself and their planet more successful.



Each level of Profit Planet teaches something new!



Learn what Profit Planet is all about in this module, including who controls the game, what it looks like, and an explanation of the bank, the stock market, and the store! Your goal in this module is to prepare yourself for the world of finance you will enter into with Profit Planet!

Did you know that you are going to be competing against those in your class, school, district, or even your state with this game?



Learn all about the importance of budgeting in this module, where the main goal is to find how to spend and save your money responsibly. Money does not last forever! In this part of the game, you will start finding ways to attract citizens to your planet while maintaining the money you have!



Learn about the importance of saving your money in a bank! From interest rates to saving and checking accounts, you will need to use the bank in the game in order to keep your money safe and have the proper means of spending it. In order to progress to the next level, your bank account needs to reach a certain amount, so save up!


stock market

Learn all about the stock market  in this module, including how to buy, sell, and trade stocks. You will find that investing in the stock market could help you gain more money and expand your island even more!​